A neighborhood immersed in art. This eclectic Miami attraction engages your senses. The streets are lively with boutique shopping, curated dining and stiff drinks. The outdoor murals and graffiti extend along the exteriors of buildings creating a vibrant art exhibit atmosphere. Music plays from the indoor/outdoor hot spots and can be heard as you roam the area.
The community is one that feels alive. It’s become an arts hub that exudes street culture and good vibes. When exploring Wynwood, there are a few places to definitely check out and we’ve listed them here for you.
Wynwood Walls. The artistic story changes annually with the emergence of Art Basel. Visitors are given a reason to return and explore the ever-changing artwork. No two visits are ever the same. The walls have been graced by artists both the famous and highly acclaimed, as well as new emerging talent.
For those with an appetite, Coyo Taco thrives as one of Wynwood’s favourite places to eat. Putting a spin on Mexican food, this space offers dining in the front and party in the back. It’s hard to miss and hard to resist. The energy and tasty tacos this resto has to offer draw crowds in. Some nights the lineup is out the door. The Salty Donut is the go-to for it’s trendy and crafty donuts. When the freshly-made donuts are sold out, it’s a wrap for the day. It’s definitely a must-visit in the area, but make sure you’re there bright and early to get your hands on some of the specialty goodies.
For a night out in the Wynwood area, Wood Tavern is a food spot meets bar meets hangout that’s sure to be a laid-back meets party good time. And we can’t overlook Gramps. This spot is another indoor-outdoor Wynwood staple frequented by regular rock act performers and djs spinning that invites party-goers to do as they please, whether it be rock out and dance or sip a drink and relax.
Whether you’re looking for a good party or you’re just exploring the endless sea of outdoor art, Wynwood should be a definite to-do on your list when visiting the Miami-area. Only 20-mins drive from South Beach, this neighborhood will bring out the free-spirited nature in any visitor.